Property Law Changes in Thailand

The Building Control Act B.E. 2522 is being changed and this will affect anyone owning property in Thailand with regards to what the government views as public use buildings. Apartment blocks, warehouses and offices.

Certain buildings fall under The Building Control Act as it is there mainly for public use. These buildings need a certificate from the government before they can be used. The list of building types are buildings in Thailand such as:

1. Condominium Blocks

2. Hospitals

3. Office blocks

4. Hospitals

5. any and all commercial buildings.

The new amended Act now has increased in scope compared to the older Buildings Control Act. These changes have been to keep the Act in line with changes in construction and technology. The changes to the Act is summed up as follows:

1. Commercial buildings have been redefined by the amendments.

2. Industrial buildings now include any building where there are more than 5 people.

3. Any building used for education now falls under the act irrespective of size.

The penalties are much heavier as they are now at 10,000 Baht a day for everyday that the building does not comply with the Act. The prison sentences however are still at less than 3 months. If you are looking at developing a building in Phuket or for that matter anywhere in Thailand. Speak to any of our British solicitors in Phuket, Bangkok or at any of our offices in Thailand. Speak to a consultant online now or call a solicitor via our toll-free US and UK numbers. We are always here to assist you make the correct choice with regards to property development in Thailand.

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